Flowers of Bach Rescue Remedy

Six Flowers of Bach Rescue Remedy Feb 23, 2023

Flowers of Bach Rescue Remedy

flowers of bach rescue remedy

Rescue remedy is a Bach flower blend that has been used by people and animals for 80 years. It contains six essences that calm and comfort those experiencing severe stress, shock, or trauma.

Rescue remedy can also help people who are feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities. It is available as a liquid formula in dropper bottles.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) is a perennial bulb that grows in clumps with narrow grass-like leaves and star-shaped flowers on stems above draping foliage. It thrives in full sun and moderately fertile soil that is well-draining.

The plant blooms only for a short time, typically in late spring or early summer. After the bloom season, it should be moved to a protected, out-of-sight location. It can also be grown in containers, but the bulbs need to be regularly watered during the growing season.

The Star of Bethlehem is mentioned in the Bible as a celestial phenomenon that led the wise men to Jesus’ birthplace. Some Bible scholars suggest a natural explanation, ranging from novae and supernovae to comets and planetary conjunctions–apparent close approaches of bright planets–to each other.

Flowers of Bach Rescue Remedy: Clematis

Clematis flower essence is one of the 38 Bach rescue remedies which are designed to help people who find it hard to concentrate. They can drift in and out of the present, not giving much attention to what is happening around them.

These are often creative and imaginative people but when their creativity is stifled, they can become depressed and have a negative state of mind. The symptoms of this are a vacant far-away look, indifference, and a lack of interest in the real world.

To grow clematis, plant the seedlings in a flat of compost or seed-starting mix and keep them moist. Then, transplant them in a permanent location in late summer.

Clematis are among the most popular climbing plants because of their spectacular blooms. They can be used in a number of ways around the garden and home, including as a trellis. Some varieties also produce decorative seed heads that add interest when they are not in bloom.

Cherry Plum

One of the flower essences in Dr Edward Bach’s rescue remedy, the Cherry Plum can be used to support composure when we feel that we may lose our control. We could be overwhelmed with responsibilities, or anxious about how we might react to people we care about or are working with.

The Cherry Plum, Prunus cerasifera, is a deciduous fruit tree native to southeast Europe and western Asia. Its flowers bloom from late winter to early spring, displaying pink and white hues.

The Cherry Plum is a popular ornamental fruit tree for gardens and landscaping. Its early flowering also acts as a sign that spring is on the way.

Impatiens flowers of Bach Rescue Remedy

Impatiens, or Touch-Me-Nots, are one of the most popular bedding plants and a popular garden plant. These tropical plants produce large, beautiful flowers in colors of white, peach, apricot, pink, and red.

These flowers grow best in part shade to full shade and need a moist, well-drained soil enriched with organic material and a slightly acidic pH. They also prefer to be kept under good shelter from the wind.

If you’re looking for a flower of bach rescue remedy to help you develop patience, the Impatiens may be just what you need! It encourages you to slow down when life gets busy, so that you can take a more measured approach.

This is especially helpful for those who are often overly irritable and inattentive. It can also help a mother who is constantly snapping at her children or getting annoyed by them when they aren’t listening to her instructions.


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