Bach Flowers White Chestnut

Bach Flowers White Chestnut Feb 23, 2023

Bach Flowers White Chestnut

bach flowers white chestnut

The Bach flower remedy White Chestnut encourages a peaceful mind when unwelcome thoughts keep circling around in the head. It allows the mind to discriminate between thoughts that should be accepted and those that should be rejected.

This Bach flower remedy is for people who are unable to control their worrying thoughts and cannot let go of unhappy events or arguments. They keep replaying them mentally and this makes them feel agitated and distressed.


is a remedy for people who feel they cannot get control over unwanted thoughts. These thoughts are repetitive and unsettling, causing stress to the person’s mind and body.

Often, these types of thought will come and go and at other times they are so persistent that it is like a mental torture.

These kinds of thoughts can interfere with a person’s ability to concentrate, and cause them to have difficulty concentrating on work or in relationships with others.

A negative state of being can occur when these thoughts reappear after a dispute. This may be over a work issue or an argument with a spouse or other person.


Olive is a flower remedy corresponding to those who feel tired and depleted even when they are normally active. They have given too much to life and they need to take some time out to restore themselves.

Olive also helps those who re-sift their concern and negative thoughts constantly, giving them assistance to release these unwanted thought impulses. It can also be used to help with concentration and focus on one subject.

Olive is also a great remedy for promoting restful sleep, and can bring back balance and regeneration when exhausted or depleted. It is especially useful for those who have been ill or have undergone an inner transformation.

Sweet Chestnut

The sweet chestnut tree (botanical name Castanea sativa) is known for its edible nuts. These are surrounded by a spiny husk or cupule and are commonly eaten in Europe.

The chestnuts have a rich, sweet and slightly bitter flavour. When they are cooked, volatile compounds such as g-butyrolactone and furfural are formed.

Bach flowers sweet chestnut is used to bring optimism and peace of mind when anguish overwhelms and you can find no way out. The homeopathic remedy comes in a handy, portable dropper bottle.


Walnut produces a variety of bach flowers, including White Chestnut, which is a Bach flower remedy for people with persistent thoughts that keep them up at night and distract them during the day. It can also help those who grind their teeth during sleep, as it helps them to calm down and relax.

Bach flowers are homeopathically prepared from non-poisonous plants and each is aimed at a particular emotional state. The 38 original were developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s.

Walnut is a positive flower essence that helps individuals who are in the middle of major life changes to overcome their doubts and make progress. It can be useful for those who are planning a move or are facing a divorce, retirement, or changing jobs.

The are used to produce a flower essence that has been prescribed for obsessive thoughts and worries. These can be difficult to shake, leaving a person feeling like they can never stop thinking about an argument or event that has upset them.

This is not a problem that only affects adults, young children can also fall into this state. After a conversation at school or in the home where they feel they have been unfairly judged, they may continue to re-run the exchange over and over.

These repetitive thoughts can eat away at a person’s mental energy, making it difficult to concentrate on their work or relationships. It can also leave them in a chronic state of anxiety, which can affect their sleep.

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