Yoga Routine That Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight gain can have its toll on the body; from decreasing levels of agility to increasing need for a better diet, weight gain cumulatively forms one of the biggest problems for a human body.

Apart from the physical and mental fatigue, weight gain usually leads to stress. This stress coupled with the hectic day to day activities amalgamates into a serious problem.

Although diet change and regular workout may be the ultimate solution to losing weight, however stress needs a paradigm shift in the approach.

In frequent cases doctors explain, stress playing a pivotal role in increasing weight as fat accumulates around body organs- well who would want that? And eventually forming a stressed body! Also See, Detox Plus Review

As a human this makes me wonder the series of health related problems all of us can go through, here we are seeing off one illness and as soon as life gets settled in the aftermath of that illness, there is another disease banging on the door just like an unwelcomed guest.

Let’s be honest it can get tricky and difficult at times and no matter how pugnacious your body type is one can always end up in a muddy situation.


Yoga might not make or convert your physical appearance like in the obnoxious advertisements we see on the internet today, where an evergreen or a happy woman talks about how she changed her body type in a course of several weeks.

Dianabol Pills, is known for providing massive gains in very short periods of time.

Although it might be the case, but Yoga is different. The relaxation the body feels after meditation validates the power of Yoga. It is basically a Hindu ascetic ritual in which meditation, breath control and adoption of certain body bearings are practiced for better health and relaxation.

Yoga is basically a mixture of philosophical and spiritual ideologies. People look for fulfillment from the outside world, in their quest for social supremacy and achievement of worldly goals; people tend to forget that what they seek is within.

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Yoga makes us harness our energy within into will power that we need to carry out a certain activity.

More importantly it makes us relax and during meditation we search ourselves rather than the worldly goals, this manages and tackles stress in a manner no other medication can possibly do.

By preventing stress from wreaking havoc we learn the methods to living happy!

Yoga can do wonders for the physical and mental strength of the body and not just does it provide strength, it also can act as source for losing weight.

Yoga requires deep concentration, more than any other method of weight loss does however similar to all other weight loss methods it reduces the weight giving us an added advantage of stress releasing meditation as well.

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To carry out Yoga exercises all we need is a yoga mat and a clear state of mind. The following body positions help in losing weight: PhenQ diet pills


The body posture helps in strengthening our abs hips and thighs, begin by standing normally with arms at both sides and feet together with the toes pointing forward. Now while inhaling bring you arms overhead together and bend forward with your right leg. you can also try Legal Steroids for lose weight.

During the process it is integral to inhale and exhale thoroughly. Your right knee should be at an angle of 90 degrees with the right leg and the left leg should be extended on the ball of the foot whereas the arms should remain overhead. Repeat the posture with the left leg.


Helps in firming side of the abs. Stand normal like in the previous exercise and now slowly put the sole of your right foot on the left thigh with the right knee bending. The palms should be in front of the chest and breathe long twice.

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Now maintaining the same position, raise your arms up and extend towards the ceiling on the third inhale. Bend torso to the left after exhaling and now inhale and straighten the body. Repeat the exercise for a while with each foot.

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This posture helps in firming our abs and back. Sit with bent knees, hands placed on the thighs and feet on the floor. Straighten the torso and place your head in line with the body. Slowly and steadily start leaning back for about 45 degrees raise your feet in a manner that the calves are parallel to the floor.

While inhaling start extending your arms and legs with the toes pointing and while exhaling lower your torso and legs so that body forms a V shape. Repeat 3-5 times.

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This body firms our shoulders, arms, abs and back. Commence in the position that is used during pushups keep your body in line from head to toes and while exhaling lower your chest towards the floor keeping your arms as close to the body as possible.

These routines can be carried out for a long time after losing weight as well, because not only do they keep you in shape they also help us relax and calm down in a strenuous atmosphere!